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Growth Consulting

Grow your business or nonprofit from the Dream Seed to the Making It stage with business planning, organizational development, technology and automation, web design, change management, quality management and continuous improvement, lean operations, project management, staff performance management, and training development.

Research Labs

Our Impact Study or Distress and Anguish StudyTM proves the value of your services, programs, and interventions or the effects of traumatic events on your legal clients. We test and analyze the statistical significance (real effects) of changes in up to 90 emotional, cognitive, and behavioral determinants using scientifically validated questionnaires.


Beacon Pinnacle Press helps you reach a global audience to share your professional wisdom and expertise from years of trial and error, personal discovery as a leader, and real-world experience via eBooks or print books of any length via access to our 70+ online eBook distribution partners and 39,000+ print book partners worldwide.

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Business Planning & Insurance

Develop or refine your business plan and test your business model for growth. Zone in on your target market, product or service, competitive analysis, pricing models, and operational plan and purchase insurance.

Financial Forecasting & Modeling

Knowing your critical numbers is vital for achieving profitability. Get a realistic, in-depth measure of your potential success with key industry benchmarks, hidden costs in your COGS / COS, and financial statements.

Technology Adoption & Implementation

Save your valuable time for what you do best. Let us deal with the software and making it work for you. We setup, integrate, and maintain and offer as much or as little training and support as you desire.

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Equip business and nonprofit ministries for elite service
(Ephesians 4:12 / Proverbs 15:22)

Vision and Ministry
Be an ambassador for conducting business according to biblical principles
(1 Peter 4:10-11)

P.E.A.K.E.TM Standards of Service

  • Partner: listen to connect with our clients’ deepest needs
  • Enlighten: provide knowledge and resources for self-sufficiency
  • Actualize: engineer and implement user-friendly solutions
  • Keep watch: signal, warn, and strategize for continuous improvement
  • Encourage: energize and celebrate for sustainability


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